About Ceramic Coatings

Before I began discussing the potential value of Ceramic Coatings, I believe it is necessary to first address what they are not.  Ceramic Coatings are not a magic pill.  It may not be for everyone.  It will not protect your car against rock chips.  This form of protection does not last forever.  Coatings do not make your car scratch proof, although self healing coatings can repair itself against very light defects.  Ceramic Coatings do last longer and provide a significantly stronger defense against the environment than waxes and sealants.  There is some scratch resistance and some self-cleaning abilities with ceramic coatings, making vehicles easier to wash and maintain.  But you will still need wash your car with care.


There are 3 key benefits to having a coating on a vehicle versus having a wax or a sealant.

· Coatings provide long-term durability. 

· Coatings provide more increased ability to protect against UV and chemical damage.

· Coatings provide stronger dirt and contamination repellency.

The value of a coating is in the ease of maintenance it provides.